How to Help Child Heartburn

Written by dwatcharaph on 14 March 2020


how to help child heartburn

Are you wondering how to help child heartburn? There are many different ways to do this. We all know that eating a lot of salty and oily foods is not good for your child's stomach. In order to learn how to help child heartburn we need to avoid these foods. I am sure if you have tried to give your child the same foods that are bad for the child's stomach they would just eat them.

Child heartburn is not as easy to treat as adult heartburn is. Most doctors want to remove the acid from the stomach, but they do not want to have to do it by surgery. So if you are having problems with your child's heartburn symptoms, try to find other means to get the heartburn out of the stomach. Some of the things that you can do is to give your child warm milk with a little bit of salt in it.

Some of the best heartburn remedies that you can use are to change some of your child's eating habits. Here are some of the more common heartburn remedy suggestions that I have found:

Milk - Do not make your child drink any milk because it can worsen the condition of their stomach. Make sure your child does not drink plain low fat milk and then he or she eats chocolate or cinnamon. Also avoid giving your child milk with lots of sugar in it.

Chocolate - The chocolate that you eat has additives in it that can cause your child to get heartburn. You will find that the hot chocolate will help but you will still have to limit it to once or twice a week. If you do have a very sweet child, you may want to try giving him or her some fruit, but just keep the chocolate away from the fruit.

Salt - When giving your child salt, do not use table salt but choose a sea salt and be sure to get the one that contains no chemicals. Sometimes even kosher salt can cause a problem with the stomach. It is much better to just use pure sea salt.

Citrus fruits - All citrus fruits, especially oranges, limes, and lemons can cause your child to have heartburn. Some people have an allergy to citrus fruits, so if they eat citrus fruits they could have an allergic reaction to the citrus. Just like when you had acid reflux as a child, make sure that you keep the citrus fruits away from your child.

Apples - If you have an apple you may want to try eating the apple without removing the pits. This should do the trick to help your child's stomach.

There are many different ways that you can help your child if you cannot find what is causing the heartburn. Sometimes just changing your child's diet can help.

However, sometimes you have to take more drastic measures than what your child has done before. One of the most effective things that I have found to help my child was to change the salt levels in his or her diet. Also, try not to give the kids much sugar as that will just cause them to want more sugar.

Learning how to help child heartburn is not hard to do. This is a problem that is affecting a lot of parents and it will be a problem that is affecting them for the rest of their lives.

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